More About Dolphin Vagus Nerve Stimulation

The parasympathetic nervous system is part of the involuntary nervous system that serves to slow the heart rate, increase intestinal and glandular activity, and relax the sphincter muscles. In short, it signals relaxation, allowing the body to function in the “rest and digest” state.
The vagus nerve initiates 80% of your body relaxation mode. People with a stronger vagal tone or activity can rest, recover, and restore much more quickly.
Decreased vagal tone is associated with increased stress vulnerability and poor health.
The Dolphin VNS is a VNS Device used for vagus nerve stimulation therapy and has been proven in science to activate the parasympathetic system!

Benefits of vagus nerve stimulation therapy include:
• Decreased inflammation.
• Reduce muscle tension and trigger point tenderness.
• Improved circulation and lymph flow
• Reduced pain
Patients have reported that vagus nerve stimulation mitigating or completely resolving atrial fibrillation.

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